Sustainability Across the Travel Journey

Source: Boom Supersonic Sharing lessons and best practices across the industry is a key step to ensure travel is a net good. To ensure travel remains a net good, sustainability must be integrated into the entire travel journey. While travel enables improved global collaboration, cultural understanding, and socio-economic benefits, reducing its environmental impact is integral to […]

Brands play experiential for the long game of loyalty


Flip the narrative. Going experience-first shows confidence in your product offering By Jonathan Yaffe & Daniel Yaffe (Source: ADWEEK) Though I don’t own a Porsche, I recently attended one of their driving experiences, felt the g-force accelerating around the track and finally understood why so many Porsche drivers become brand loyalists. That experience could easily make […]

The EarthCheck Report: Navigating the circular economy, disruption and design thinking

Among the millions of people travelling internationally each year, a number expected to rise to 1.8 billion by 2030, there are organisations and individuals dedicated to driving the message of sustainable tourism through their daily work. Two such trailblazers are EarthCheck and Oceanic Global – shaping the future for generational change where lifestyles, skills and knowledge will define the world in 2030 and beyond.

Iberostar and EarthCheck – An Alliance Working Towards Responsible Tourism

Iberostar Group has announced a collaboration agreement with EarthCheck, the global travel and tourism industry leader in scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory services. The objective is to provide a coordinated structure for the sustainability initiatives currently being introduced to the more than 120 hotels included in Iberostar’s portfolio.