Our People

We have a passion for delivering responsible business practices, driving efficiency gains, and safe guarding the natural and social environment. Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of leading scientific and business professionals.

  • Stewart Moore

    Stewart Moore

    Chief Executive Officer
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  • Melinda Watt

    Melinda Watt

    Vice President, Relationship Management
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  • Mark  Olsen

    Mark Olsen

    General Manager, Consulting
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  • Harry  Fowles

    Harry Fowles

    Chief Finance Officer
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  • André  Russ

    André Russ

    Vice President, Sales
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  • Marco Sepulveda

    Marco Sepulveda

    General Manager, Sustainability
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  • Antje  Martins

    Antje Martins

    Customer Service & Training Manager
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  • Vivian Wu

    Vivian Wu

    Relationship Manager
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  • Johanna Schliephack

    Johanna Schliephack

    Sustainability & Training Officer
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  • Bonnie  Tsai

    Bonnie Tsai

    Business Analyst
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  • Jennifer  Peiron Alonso, MBA

    Jennifer Peiron Alonso, MBA

    Relationship Manager
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  • Elisabeth  Bauer

    Elisabeth Bauer

    Relationship Manager
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  • Laura  Carranza

    Laura Carranza

    Relationship Manager
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  • Amelita Molina

    Amelita Molina

    Sales Support Specialist
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  • Jingyi (Chris)  Xiao

    Jingyi (Chris) Xiao

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  • Laura Pinilla

    Laura Pinilla

    Relationship Manager
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  • Ziyu (Zoe) Ma

    Ziyu (Zoe) Ma

    Relationship Manager
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  • Jessica Williams

    Jessica Williams

    Relationship Manager & Business Analyst
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  • Nigel Russell

    Nigel Russell

    Manager, Consulting
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  • Charlotte  Taylor

    Charlotte Taylor

    Sustainability Advisor
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  • Clare Coburn

    Clare Coburn

    Research Officer
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  • Nicole  Garofano

    Nicole Garofano

    Project Officer
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  • Daniel Kluge

    Daniel Kluge

    Project Manager
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  • Rishabh Jain

    Rishabh Jain

    System Administrator
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  • Ashley  Raman

    Ashley Raman

    ICT Business Analyst
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  • Erica  Lobos

    Erica Lobos

    México y Latinoamérica
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  • Michael  Kwee

    Michael Kwee

    Managing Director, YKnot Sustainability (Singapore)
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  • Phay Ping  TAN

    Phay Ping TAN

    Managing Director and Co-founder, Building System & Diagnostics (Singapore & South East Asia)
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  • Sureyya  Tasdelen

    Sureyya Tasdelen

    Managing Director, ASYA control and certifications (Turkey)
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  • Piet  van Zyl

    Piet van Zyl

    Pioneer, Positive Impact Forever
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  • Dr. Ioannis  Pappas

    Dr. Ioannis Pappas

    CEO and Co-Founder, GREEN EVOLUTION SA (Greece)
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  • Christophe Carlier

    Christophe Carlier

    CEO, The H Factory (Mauritius)
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  • A.Kadir  Tasdelen

    A.Kadir Tasdelen

    CEO, ASYA Control & Certifications (Turkey)
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  • Francois  Huet

    Francois Huet

    Managing Director & Founder, Big Waves of Inspiration (France)
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  • Frank  Hubbard

    Frank Hubbard

    Senior Sustainability Advisor and Auditor (Australia)
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  • Sunil  Kanal

    Sunil Kanal

    CTO & Director, Magenta FZCO (Middle East & India)
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  • Daniel  Koeppel

    Daniel Koeppel

    Managing Director, Daniel Koeppel Associates Co., Ltd (Asia)
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  • Daniel  Velasquez

    Daniel Velasquez

    Argentina & Mercosur
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  • Julie  Klein

    Julie Klein

    Principal, Confluence Sustainability, LLC. (Americas)
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  • Arda  Moltay

    Arda Moltay

    General Manager, Mimta Architects Co. (Turkey)
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  • Wendy  Santaolaya

    Wendy Santaolaya

    Founder, Grupo Santaolaya (Mexico & Latin America)
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  • Richard May

    Richard May

    CEO and Principal Consultant, ECHOS Consulting (Caribbean)
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  • Peter Turner MBA B.Bus

    Peter Turner MBA B.Bus

    Partner, Customer Frame
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  • Sueanne  Carr M.Bus B.Bus

    Sueanne Carr M.Bus B.Bus

    Partner, Customer Frame
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  • Vijay  Wadhwa

    Vijay Wadhwa

    Hospitality Management Consultant & President, Tourism Plus Foundation (India)
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