Become an EarthCheck Coordinator

EarthCheck Coordinator training enables current and future EarthCheck members to effectively manage, maintain and report on sustainability outcomes and is specifically designed to support knowledge of EarthCheck Benchmarking and Certification products. The course teaches participants how to develop Green Teams, gain organisational buy-in and manage sustainable operations.


  • EarthCheck Coordinators
  • Green team members
  • General Managers


  • Identify Green Team roles and responsibilities
  • Plan and prepare for EarthCheck Certification services
  • Develop change management strategies to support a sustainable corporate culture
  • Identify resource requirements for sustainability implementation
  • Identify regulations as they apply to your organisation
  • Develop a Legislation Register
  • Understand ongoing compliance requirements
  • Assess your organisation's environmental and social impacts
  • Complete a Risk Assessment
  • Develop risk minimisation approach and mitigation strategies




EarthCheck Coordinators

EarthCheck Coordinators