Marriott International

Build and Operate Sustainable Hotels

From design to the guest experience, sustainability is embedded into Marriott International's business strategy. They collaborate with their associates, hotel owners, franchisees, brands, suppliers, business partners and guests to actively reduce the environmental impact of and risk to our business by constructing and operating sustainable hotels.

One of the key Goals for the group is to ensure that by 2025, 100% of hotels will be certified to a recognized sustainability standard. All Marriott International properties globally enjoy an exclusive discount on annual fees for EarthCheck Certified. Register by following the link below.

EarthCheck Certified is the world’s leading environmental certification and benchmarking program for the travel and tourism industry. It is the culmination of a journey that began in 1987 and continues to this day.

Using a science based approach, we can help your hotel increase efficiencies, maximise guest experience and minimise your environmental footprint. With changing regulatory environments, rapidly evolving markets and complex risk implications, organisations require specialised tools and expertise. EarthCheck Certified helps you navigate the path forward with certainty and peace of mind.

Knowledge and Innovation

There is no substitute for a background forged in science and innovation. The idea behind EarthCheck Certified was conceived in 1992, that’s when 182 Heads of State endorsed Agenda 21 at the Rio Earth Summit, regarding the principles of Sustainable Development.

EarthCheck Certified will provide you and your team with a framework within which you can achieve the desired outcomes for sustainable tourism. This is set out in the final report of the World Summit for Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002.

EarthCheck Certified complies with the Mohonk Agreement, which outlines the guidelines and principles for an International Sustainable Tourism Certification Program and is a verified standard by the CDP.

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