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EarthSafe has been developed by EarthCheck to help the tourism and travel industry to meet the new health, wellness and hygiene expectations now demanded in a COVID-19 recovery.

Hygiene, general visitor safety and cleanliness is expected to be front and centre in the forward travel and leisure plans for all visitor markets as we move into a reset and recovery phase where travel restrictions and physical distancing is gradually relaxed.

Business operators now need to offer services and experiences in a consistent, safe and sustainable manner which not only meets individual government regulations but the heightened expectations of travel and consumer markets.

EarthCheck mobilised a global task force of leading healthcare, hygiene, assurance professionals and business operators to help design and establish a set of COVID-19 safe work principles and hygiene guidelines which can be successfully applied throughout the tourism supply chain. The task force was led by Professor David Simmons from Lincoln University in New Zealand who is Chairman of the EarthCheck Research Institute.

For Destinations & Businesses

EarthSafe provides an operational program that allows either a business or destination to set up a practical management system for Health and Hygiene. It is acknowledged that in the context of a pandemic there is an ever-present risk of infection in the community.  

The processes and procedures apply to all stakeholders including staff, operators, owners and customers. The EarthSafe programme can be also applied to destinations, precincts and the tourism supply chain.

ONLINE and Easy to USE

EarthSafe software provides the user with access to a secure online platform which can guide them through implementing the Health and Hygiene Management system.

Templates and Guides include:

EarthSafe Operations

  • EarthSafe for Operations Standard
  • Sample Health & Hygiene Policy
  • Sample Health & Hygiene Risk Assessment
  • Sample Health & Hygiene Action Plan 

EarthSafe Destinations

  • EarthSafe for Destinations Standard
  • Sample Health & Hygiene Policy
  • Sample Health & Hygiene Risk Assessment 

For Both

  • Sample Health & Hygiene Legislation Register
  • Sample Corrective & Preventative Action Form
  • Health & Hygiene Procedures Manual Tool
  • Sample Internal Audit Checklist
  • Sample Internal Audit Schedule
  • Sample Internal Audit Template
  • Sample Register of Documents & Records
  • Sample Register of Non-Conformity
  • Sample Standard Operating Procedure 

Global Network

The new protocols and health and hygiene procedures can be certified by EarthCheck’s global network of independent auditors. The guidelines enable alignment to international and national health and hygiene protocols.

EarthSafe has been provided free of charge to market by EarthCheck.

I'm an operator

I'm a destination