Award winning Greek accommodation seeks leadership in responsible tourism

Tyros, Greece, May 2020. Zen Minimal Luxury Housing (“Zen”) is an award-winning accommodation located in the coastal area of Tyros, on the mythical Arcadian coast of Greece. Seeking to be recognised for their efforts in sustainable design and operation, Zen partnered with EarthCheck in 2019 and has recently gained EarthCheck Evaluate recognition.

As an entry level program, EarthCheck Evaluate assesses an operator’s economic, social and environmental impact. The programme uses internationally recognised criteria, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to report on management performance covering a wide range of areas including environment, risk and quality management.

Zen was developed by a local entrepreneur Xenia Mastoraki the founder of LandmArch a creative practice for landscape architecture, urban planning and architecture based in Athens and Stockholm. “Our goal was clear right from the outset. We wanted to design a sustainable and socially cohesive project. I’ve always believed in the importance of social sustainability as a means of social interaction, environmental protection, and enhancement of the biodiversity, accessibility, walkability and an inclusive economy.” Said Mastoraki

“Greece is widely respected as an innovative, clean, green destination, which is a natural fit with EarthCheck’s positive and proactive approach to sustainability. It’s particularly thrilling to achieve EarthCheck Evaluate recognition at a time when sustainability is such a topical conversation. We’re proud to lead the way in Tyros when it comes to sustainability, and to do our part in actively promoting environmental awareness and sustainability to not only our guests, but the wider community”. Continued Mastoraki.

When organisations manage and improve compliance in areas such as environmental emissions, energy efficiency and waste management; they are able to save costs, support local economies, conserve natural resources and cultural heritage; and help to improve the quality of life for locals and visitors alike.

“It is critical that tourism and travel is built and operated on more sustainable principles. Becoming engaged in sustainable tourism has gone beyond simply ‘going green.” Said Stewart Moore CEO and founder of EarthCheck. “Today we have enormous opportunities to transition towards the new low carbon economy and regenerative tourism. By working with EarthCheck Zen has confirmed its ambition to become true pioneer in responsible tourism, and a genuine source of inspiration to the Greek tourism community.” He said.