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As we continue to stumble into the era of disruption and rampant social, economic and environmental change; historical thinking can no longer serve as our guidepost to the future. We need to track customer and community insights, deliver transformative experiences, manage the role played by big data and work together to co-create a desired future that can deliver net positive outcomes for our buildings, enterprises, destinations, the environment and communities. Most importantly we need to make that future happen today. 

As Professor David Simmons, the Chairman of the EarthCheck Research Institute, says “you can’t hope to have a sustainable tourism industry on an unsustainable planet. Tourism, local community ownership and a safe and healthy environment are joined at the hip. We have to define the values and purpose of why we travel and we have to use them as a signpost and GPS for how we manage and direct the future growth of our industry.” 

Growth is not without impact. We as a community and industry need to be critically aware and sensitive to managing and nurturing place, nature and culture.  

Here at EarthCheck we are working hard to provide our members with practical and positive solutions for where we collectively can make a difference. Our rallying message from inception has been and still is that:

the planet deserves more than half measures™

Walking the Talk

EarthCheck is in the business of caring for people and the planet. For more than 30 years, we have been delivering products for the tourism and travel industry to assist in continual improvement and sustainable progress of businesses. At EarthCheck, we want to walk the talk on sustainability and we do this by working through our EarthCheck Certified program.

1) Commitment and Policy

At EarthCheck, we are committed to reducing and preventing the negative environmental, social and cultural impacts associated with our activities, products and services. We are committed to enriching local communities and protecting the planet for future generations. By informing and educating our employees, members and other stakeholders, we set the stage to protect our surrounding ecosystems and contribute to the continuous improvement of our planet.

We are continuously improving our operating practices to reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are our guiding light as we move towards a more responsible and sustainable tourism industry.

Our dedicated Green Team developed a Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Policy detailing our commitment to environmental protection, continual improvement, legal compliance, local employment, and preference of purchasing local products and services.

We would appreciate any feedback or comments you may have regarding the Policy. Please see the Policy in the download & links.

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2) Benchmarking and Performance

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

We are committed to continually improving our environmental and social sustainability performance by undergoing an annual benchmarking evaluation. In our latest benchmarking assessment, we achieved regional leader for waste sent to landfill and potable water consumption.

The EarthCheck Performance Report provides an overview of our successes, areas for improvement, our progress over time and how we compare to our competitors. You can view our latest Performance Report in the download & links section. If you have any questions about the data, please contact us at info@earthcheck.org

3) Governance

Governance addresses the requirements of an organisation’s regulatory compliance. EarthCheck assesses all actual and potential environmental, social and cultural risks in relation to our scope through a risk assessment and record our regulatory requirements in the form of a legislation register.

When undertaking the risk assessment, it is important to seek and consider the views of stakeholders. We've made ours available for download on this page.

4) Sustainability and Energy Approach

EarthCheck takes a holistic sustainability approach in our operations. A sustainability approach is the way in which an organisation manages and improves its overall environmental and social performance.

Our EarthCheck Green Team developed a Sustainability Action Plan outlining our objectives, actions and targets that guide the initiatives we implement against 10 Key Performance Areas. To learn more about our targets for 2019, please feel free to download the infographic from the download & links section.

5) Communication

Clear communication of our sustainability activities, goals and objectives is essential for effective stakeholder engagement. Communicating with our stakeholders ensures that they are aware of their role and how they can positively contribute to EarthCheck’s sustainability goals.

EarthCheck’s Weekly Tips is our e-newsletter providing you with sustainable tips and information around a selected issue each week. We also communicate any sustainable initiatives from our members and provide a weekly sustainability quiz question.

If you are an EarthCheck member and would like to receive EarthCheck’s Weekly Tips, please send an email to relationshipmgt@earthcheck.org or your dedicated Relationship Manager.

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