CrisisReady program helps tourism operators to prepare for the unexpected

BRISBANE, October 2020. Today marks the United Nation’s International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. To celebrate, EarthCheck has partnered with global technology leader Entegy and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) in launching enhancements to the CrisisReady app and toolkit which supports the tourism industry’s journey to resilience. The program helps tourism operators prepare for a crisis event and develops a response and continuity plan.

Queensland is no stranger to natural disasters, witnessing 80 significant events in the past decade costing the state over AUD$15 billion in damages to public infrastructure. Tourism is more critically exposed than many other industries due to its reliance on the natural environment. Queensland’s landscape lends itself to unforgettable tourism experiences. As disasters become exacerbated by climate change, we need to ensure that local level capacities are strengthened to build community preparedness and create a resilient and sustainable tourism industry.

“Technology has become a part of our everyday lives” says Angus Hotchin Co-Founder and Director at Entegy. “To the point where most people have access to a mobile device that allows them to connect with their community in some way.”

“Entegy is focused on providing a platform which is flexible to the unique requirements of the users and their communities. Our intention is to continue to create features to power communication and engagement, combined with the tools to prepare for and guide a user through a crisis”.

The CrisisReady app acts as a crisis response guide to streamline the response process and reduce the stress associated with disaster management. Additional functionality launched today, provides a community chat functionality acknowledging the importance of a coordinated community approach in disaster preparedness.

CEO of EarthCheck, Stewart Moore says, “The CrisisReady program takes disaster preparedness and emergency response to the next level by providing operators with a practical app that allows them, at any time to have access to a business continuity plan that can immediately mobilised to respond to a hazard or event".

Mr Moore continued, “the reality of our current operating environment is that it’s not a question of if a crisis will occur, but when. CrisisReady provides an understanding of how to plan for risk, train your staff, and how to become part of a regional action group to respond to crisis events as they occur.”

QTIC Chief Executive Daniel Gschwind states “Queensland, with our diverse regions and destinations has faced many challenges over the past 12 months. Supporting businesses to prepare for whatever comes next is important not only today, but as a year-round activity. By understanding business vulnerabilities, we are giving ourselves permission to do something about it.”

The UN highlights it’s time to raise our game if we want to leave a more resilient planet to future generations.

CrisisReady is proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Department of Communities, Disability Services & Seniors.