EarthCheck CrisisReady Program

BUIlding business and destination resilience through rapid response

In crisis situations, timing is everything! Knowing how and when to act can be critical in saving time, money and even your business.

EarthCheck’s Tourism CrisisReady Program, App and Toolkit helps to build business and destination resilience through preparedness and 24/7 rapid response in crisis situations. It is a digital business continuity plan that allows users to pre-set prompts to guide them through the critical and initial 24 hours, providing a more streamlined response process to unforeseen incidents.

The CrisisReady App transforms an individual’s smartphone into a disaster management headquarters and is available offline and in multiple languages. An entire emergency response plan can be tailored and set up on a mobile phone with key contacts, important documents and draft correspondence for distribution. 

The CrisisReady Program can be customised for destinations and businesses to collectively manage risk and recovery. 

The EarthCheck CrisisReady Program includes:

  • An introductory webinar for up to 10 staff to introduce the program and the technology;
  • The EarthCheck CrisisReady Toolkit to help you prepare your crisis response;
  • Access to the EarthCheck CrisisReady Control Centre (Content Management System) to manage the content on all linked devices;
  • An interactive Mobile App providing each member of the team with clear roles and responsibilities (linked to the CMS);
  • Additional training and support materials.


“80% of businesses without a continuity plan don’t survive two years after a major crisis. We also know that for every dollar invested in disaster mitigation, six are saved in recovery costs.”

Daniel Gschwind, CEO, Queensland Tourism Industry Council.