Communication and Engagement Strategies for Business

Stakeholder awareness and engagement is essential for the success of any sustainability program. EarthCheck supports management teams and sustainability champions to implement programs and engage different parties with these efforts. 

Communication and Engagement Strategies for Business introduces the principles of sustainability in the context of travel and tourism. It assesses strategies and techniques for developing and implementing sustainability policy, assessing risk and planning action as well as the best means for driving organisation-wide performance. 


  • Executive team
  • Middle management
  • General Managers


  • Understand the principles of sustainable tourism
  • Develop a Sustainability Policy
  • Understand an environmental risk assessment for your organisation
  • Document compliance requirements
  • Guide the develop of sustainability targets and strategies for your organisation
  • Identify opportunities to engage staff and lead change for improved outcomes
  • Communication about sustainability effectively to all stakeholders to secure their buy-in and support



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