Zero Waste

The transition towards a circular economy offers many opportunities. If you’re committed to reducing your organisation’s footprint, prioritising sustainability, and operating more efficiently, Zero Waste is a complementary next step for your business.

Emulating nature is proving to be the direction where new innovations and business models are emerging from. The biggest challenge is how to be resourceful and innovative in creating profitable innovative business models which are good for society and business.

Technically, waste is not a problem. In fact, every process, organism, animal and person creates waste. In nature, one organism or process's waste always become another's resource. Either food, shelter or energy.

When waste does not have an up-cycle or recycle purpose, it becomes pollution. And that is where the challenge lies. We need to reduce our pollution to zero. Less bad is not good and less pollution is better but still not good.

Through the #z6r0waste program, we can provide you with a roadmap that addresses the circular economy and innovates creative initiatives that engage your team. We’ll help you learn ways to prioritise reduction and recycling, incentivise and engage employees, and demonstrate industry leadership.