Visitor Inspiration Centre Transformation Program

From Information to Inspiration: A Visitor Centre Journey

In a world where mass-information is at consumer’s fingertips, travellers are suffering from a paralysis of choice. A choice of where to go, what to do, where to find information and working out what is credible. Visitor Information Centres (VIC) are well placed to provide curated local knowledge and authentic stories, to take their rightful place as a vital part of the visitor experience.

An opportunity exists for VIC’s to reposition from Information to Inspiration, leveraging their vital role in the customer value chain as a provider of credible local market knowledge. As a credible curator, incremental revenue opportunities can be unleashed in the pre-, during- and post-travel visitor journey phases. All of this is possible by reframing the VIC and taking an accurate view of the customer and their needs by putting them at the heart of everything they do.


A Powerful Partnership: EarthCheck + Customer Frame

The EarthCheck and Customer Frame partnership brings together the world leaders in tourism and sustainability accreditation consulting with globally-acclaimed customer strategy, experience innovation and transformation consulting. Working within a common agenda of transforming the tourism industry through sustainable, customer-centred change, EarthCheck and Customer Frame are committed to collaborating with industry stakeholders at all levels.