Sustainability Clusters

Working at the community level to achieve sustainable outcomes

For many businesses, the barriers to improved efficiency and achieving their sustainability goals are at a community rather than a business level. These challenges require businesses to work together as a collective or ‘cluster’ to stand out in market and be recognised as industry leaders for their sustainability efforts.

Modelled on successful clusters in Queensland, Tasmania and the Great Ocean Road, the EarthCheck Sustainability Cluster Program helps tourism operators to work together through the assistance of a sustainability mentor to reduce their energy, water and waste usage, and to benchmark themselves against other similar businesses and regions in Australia and beyond.

The sustainability cluster program allows operators to:

  • Understand the changing customer and supplier expectations on sustainability;
  • Identify opportunities to become more eco-efficient and sustainable
  • Save up to 30% on energy, water and waste costs through proven approaches to efficiency.

Why should you get involved?

  • Be recognised as an industry innovator and sustainability leader
  • Meet your customer and supplier expectations and give back to your community through protection of the local environment
  • Expand your knowledge of sustainable practices and understand what sustainability really means
  • Get help to overcome your main sustainability challenges and assess which activities will be most effective in improving your eco-efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs through more efficient use of resources to save you money
  • Communicate your achievements to the world through EarthCheck’s extensive distribution channels.