Destination Management

Are you looking for a strategic plan tailored to your needs?

EarthCheck is a recognised world leader in developing destination management strategies, and plans for agencies, communities, operators, destinations, industry sectors, territories and nations. Our team has prepared over 120 Destination Management Plans in 15 countries.

We develop holistic and practical Destination Management Plans and approaches that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each destination and organisation.


  • Visioning processes
  • Planning approaches with clear strategic objectives
  • Infrastructure and product development feasibility
  • Return on investment
  • Legislation, policy, regulation and guideline development (including codes of conduct)
  • Strategies and actions for marketing and branding
  • Planning and implementation frameworks
  • Facilitation of strong community, Government and industry partnerships
  • Brokering of new approaches
  • Benchmarking and key performance indicators
  • Ongoing economic and social evaluation tools

EarthCheck has worked extensively on the development of destination management plans that take a holistic approach in developing sustainable tourism strategies. Each plan provides a tourism destination with the tools to produce sustainable and competitive tourism in that destination, and is developed around the destinations' unique tourism assets, and its unique development, marketing and management needs.

Past projects and clients:

Macau Destination Tourism Positioning; Changqing Nature Reserve, China; Tourism Australia; Tourism and Events Queensland; Destination New South Wales; Tourism Victoria.