One of the main barriers to investment in tourism at a local level remains perceived roadblocks in the Planning Scheme. While tourism planning in states like Queensland, Australia has evolved through the Destination Tourism Plans (DTPs), one step remains – aligning the catalyst projects in the DTPs with the Planning Scheme.

InvestCheck provides a rigorous process to ensure a regions tourism priorities and Planning Scheme align to allow appropriate investment.

CAse Study

EarthCheck and Buckley Vann Town Planning Consultants are currently undertaking a review of the Draft Redland City Council Planning Scheme to assess the alignment and level of integration of the recently completed Tourism Strategy and other relevant tourism strategies.

Being undertaken as part of the State Government’s review of Economic Transition arrangements to support employment on the island as sand mining is phased out, the study aims to identify viable tourism project and investment opportunities. A key part of providing investor certainty is ensuring alignment with the Planning Scheme and streamlining the development assessment process.

The preliminary assessment undertaken has identified a number of areas of the Draft Planning Scheme including the Strategic Framework and the Zoning Provisions that could be improved to better facilitate the types of tourism projects and investments envisaged for the island.