EarthCheck Experience Development

Operate at the Forefront of the New Visitor Economy

A shift in the global tourism market has visitors seeking holiday destinations based on their ability to provide unforgettable, inspiring, and brag-able experiences. In order to compete in the global travel economy, destinations and businesses need to identify and offer signature experiences that set them apart from their competitors, allowing them to connect with special places, people and cultures.

EarthCheck as a market leader:

EarthCheck is an internationally recognised leader in the delivery of experience-led programs and one-on-one business mentoring. We have been at the forefront of developing and implementing experience development strategies for some of the world’s leading products and destinations.

EarthCheck works with you to help build competitiveness and grow profit margins. At an operational level, EarthCheck are specialists in working with individual and groups of businesses to identify their hero signature experiences and support delivery to market which motivates visitors to become brand ambassadors.

The EarthCheck Experience Development Program is segmented into three distinct elements, each of which help to you to build a personalised Experience Development Action Plan for your destination:

    • Storytelling;
    • Experience Development; and
    • Experience Delivery

Benefits of the Program:

  • Increase word-of-mouth business
  • Repeat visitation
  • Additional media publicity and coverage
  • An opportunity to innovate without a large expense
  • Giving your regional, state and national tourism bodies a reason to talk about your product
  • Regular check ups to track progress
  • Provide measurable results for operators
  • World leading experts in experience delivery
  • Support materials including: Access to Action Plan templates, Customer experience mapping, Access to case studies and Social media analysis.