The Benchmarking of Performance and Management Practice

The ASPIRE program is a management tool developed specifically for local governments and Destination Management Organisations (DMOs), enabling benchmarking of governance, marketing, tourism management and funding practices.

The program is an international benchmarking system which provides a set of comparative indicators and associated performance benchmarks for a broad range of tourism organisation activities and practices. ASPIRE was developed to meet the needs of the tourism sector, including national, state, regional and local tourism organisations. It highlights best-practice for a range of tourism management and marketing activities for tourism organisations.

The bespoke online benchmarking platform allows local governments and/or DMOs to enter data on an annual basis, and measure their performance against target benchmarks and against the performance of peer group authorities of their choosing.

What indicators does ASPIRE include?

The ASPIRE program provides national, state or regional comparisons across over 20 indicators in five primary categories:


  • Social, economic & environmental practice
  • Governance and business practices
  • Income sources
  • Expenditure on marketing, development and staff
  • Marketing results

Local Government’s:

  • Value of tourism
  • Governance and business practices
  • Policy and strategy
  • Visitor information centres
  • Tourism investment and expenditure
  • Staffing

Benefits of the program:

  • Benchmarks and practices that deliver a clear pathway to continuous improvement
  • Real-time comparative data for partners (DMOs and funding organisations)
  • Clear KPIs to demonstrate outcomes
  • Credibility and justification for activities
  • Demonstrable return on tourism investments
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Customer-friendly online platform with dedicated service and support