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London & Partners mission is to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive. The agency is committed to promoting London as the green destination of choice for business, tourism and events. With an ambition to grow the green economy’s size and support its clients and partners to become more environmentally sustainable.

As part of their commitment to sustainability excellence, London & Partners have recognised EarthCheck Certified as a program of choice to help its members and the broader London community join the Race to Zero and become more environmentally sustainable.

EarthCheck Certified is a program filled with innovative tools and resources that inform, inspire, and enable organisations in the tourism industry to deliver more sustainable services and products while ensuring they continue to meet the demands of the new visitor ecomony.

This certification addresses:

  • Key global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns
  • Regenerative and environmental improvement
  • Conservation of existing natural heritage assets

Economic concerns addressed in the program include:

  • Employment conditions and diversity
  • Support of the local economy
  • Use of fair-trade goods and services

An integrated and inclusive approach in your organisation is vital. You will need a team member in your organisation to take ownership of the program.

They will need to:

  • Liaise with multiple departments, local associations, community groups and other stakeholders.
  • Work closely with EarthCheck’s Relationship Management and Data Performance teams with integrating the management system, performance measures and action plans.

Here’s what happens next:

1. Engagement

Your business commits to the programme by registering online and paying the annual membership fee. The assessment process starts with an online engagement session with your team. This will be facilitated by your allocated Relationship Manager and is equivalent to a half-day of technical support. We have Relationship Managers in offices across the world, including Canada, Spain, Italy, China and Australia.

2. Implementation

You’ll work through the online process with support from EarthCheck via phone, email or face-to-face. The certification process allows you to proceed at your own pace. However, the average application period is 10-14 months. Engagement with cross-departmental colleagues and community stakeholders is crucial throughout the process. A benchmarking performance report will be provided each year, helping unlock insights for improvements and assiting you stay on track with your targets like GHG emissions, waste and social engagement.

3. Audit

Once ready for the certification, an independent third-party auditor is appointed. The audit is undertaken onsite to verify the documentation and data submitted online and to offer opportunities to deliver site-specific information. An audit takes typically two to three days (depending on the scope of the operation and level of impact).

4. Certification and Marketing

You’ll receive an onsite certification audit report. The report is a qualitative evaluation of the organisation’s performance against the criteria of the EarthCheck Certified Standard, highlighting areas of best practice and non-conformance. If you meet the requirements, you’ll be awarded certification and the use of the EarthCheck Certified logo to promote your achievement. Marketing and communication tools are provided to assist you and the team in spreading your certification news.

For those organisations deemed low impact, an onsite audit will only be required every alternate year. In the year they do not have a visit, the member must submit an annual return. For those organisations deemed high impact, an onsite audit will only be required every year.

Why this is good for your business

  • Display your EarthCheck Certification across your business to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices.
  • EarthCheck Certified businesses attract more clients.
  • EarthCheck Certification reduces your business costs. Dramatically reduce operating costs (utilities, fuel and more) without losing quality or service. Independent research from Griffith University supports this.
  • EarthCheck Certified businesses have more engaged and supportive employees.
  • EarthCheck Certification makes for more innovative, more efficient operations. The program reveals the elements of sustainability (risk, resilience and hygiene) in a business, providing a more focused approach to operations.
  • EarthCheck Certified businesses are more likely to get easier access to finance. Donors and financial institutions are more likely to offer low-cost financing.
  • EarthCheck Certified businesses can have meaningful, newsworthy conversations in marketing and promotion.

Why this is good for the planet

  • Consumers are calling for action to protect the environment and reduce the impact of human activity on the planet.
  • The EarthCheck Certified program provides a framework for change, drives action and enables the monitoring and management of emissions. This global program demonstrates leadership in climate action. It has been gaining momentum as a tool to support a sustainable future in a post-COVID environment.
  • The EarthCheck Certified program is underpinned by science, understanding that 'what gets measured, gets managed'. The core of all EarthCheck’s Certification programs is measurement.
  • By fully understanding an organisation’s footprint, stakeholders can make informed decisions to take action. By monitoring performance, your organisation will be in a powerful management position. Informed decisions can be made around resourcing, capacity building needs, and engagement programs to ensure that KPIs and targets are reached.
  • Data can be utilised for advocacy, ensuring that engagement efforts and communications are underpinned by meaningful statistics.

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