EarthCheck Carbon Offsetting

Supporting sustainability action 

EarthCheck invites you to become part of a leading number of operators who are stepping ahead by recognising carbon offsetting and engaging in green financing and projects that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Growing climate impact and greenhouse gas emissions

Today EarthCheck helps its clients to measure, track and monitor over 2 million tonnes of CO2e annually. The growing impact of climate change has very tangible consequences: the economy is already being hit by increased incidents of storms and heatwaves, desertification, rising sea levels, and diminished snowfall in alpine skiing areas.

Investing in proven climate solutions

We recognise the high potential for organisation's to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy consumption. We also recognise the benefits of offsetting carbon emissions by purchasing certified carbon credits or supporting projects that involve reforestation, the development renewable energy and energy efficiency, and environmental education.

Substantiating sustainability leadership and storytelling

We've undertaken extensive research over the past decade on the leadership role that the tourism industry can play in reducing emissions and, among others, in water conservation and water management. EarthCheck members can engage in helping to achieve tangible goals such as ensuring safe water for 1.5 million people in Uganda, delivering 165,000 clean cookstoves to communities in China, and protecting 45,000 hectares of biodiverse forests in Guatemala.