Eaton HK receive platinum recognition from sustainable tourism advisory EarthCheck

Source: Lorria Sahmet (Style Editor)

In a month most pertinent to wellness and sustainability, boutique hotel Eaton HK celebrates a Platinum recognition from EarthCheck, signalling 10 years of commendable environmental leadership. 

Fortified upon the corner of a busy Jordan junction in Hong Kong, Eaton HK‘s abstract wrap-around billboards would surely captured the attention of passers-by. An apt reflection of the hotel’s values, it showcases a drive for social and environmental change. The 2018-refurbished establishment by Katherine Lo has always been more than just a resting place for city-hopping tourists; it’s a local landmark committed to inclusivity, culture, creativity and the environment.

Mr Dirk Dalichaum Managing Director of Eaton HK and Mrs Julia Herries, Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner for Hong Kong

Image: Mr Dirk Dalichau Managing Director of Eaton HK and Mrs Julia Herries, Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner for Hong Kong

The arrival of 2021 saw Eaton HK celebrate a brand new milestone with a Platinum recognition from EarthCheck, a Brisbane-based tourism advisory that benchmarks environmental sustainability within the hospitality industry. The highest regard within the programme, a Platinum-grade accolade credits the hotel’s 10-year, long-standing commitment to sustainable efforts.

And Eaton HK’s new-founded Platinum status is fully merited. In the past year the hotel has steadfastly incorporated sustainable changes and ‘green’ practices into day-to-day runnings — most met with impressive results. As a whole, the hotel itself is a single-use-plastic-free environment, beginning at check-in desks which have gone paperless, saving around 250,000 pieces of paper annually. In guest-rooms, chemical-free, Green Guard Gold Certified mattresses made with all-natural materials replace foam versions, while 90% of the hotel’s light fixtures now use energy-efficient LED bulbs. 

Through great efforts, the hotel has managed to reduce waste by 60%, 90% less than the regional average, through the simple act of donating food to local drives and the addition of recycling bins in guest-rooms and around the hotel — an ingenious tweak that encouraged around 70% of its guests to recycle during their stay.

Pablo Albarenga photography (Image courtesy of Eaton HK Facebook)

Image: Pablo Albarenga photography (Image courtesy of Eaton HK Facebook)

As per usual, the exterior was not left unmarked. In the front, Uruguayan photographer Pablo Albarenga’s six-meter tall photograph proudly stretches across from left to right; a captivating image of a lone, towering tree in the Amazon on display. One part the award-winning National Geographic Society-funded series, ‘Seeds of Resistance‘, it muses on the environmental issues brought to light by the destruction of native lands.

For more information of Eaton HK’s upcoming projects, check out Eaton Workshop here.