EarthCheck and ETHYK join forces to help identify sustainable businesses

VIGINIA, USA | QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, April 2021. Sustainability advisory group EarthCheck and sustainability tech company ETHYK have partnered to make finding sustainable accommodations easier.

The two organizations have joined together to help individuals find sustainable accommodations when booking their next vacation online and provide better publicity for certified sustainable accommodations. “As we work to solve climate change, it should be easy to find sustainable options. That is what we are working to do with ETHYK” says ETHYK Executive Director, Austin Sachs.’s 2020 survey found that demand for sustainable accommodation is growing year on year with 82% of global travellers identified sustainable travel as important to them and 70% saying they’re more likely to book accommodation if they know it’s eco-friendly – even if they weren’t looking for an eco-friendly property in the first place.

“Organizations need to position themselves competitively for the future, engaging with visitors and embedding responsible tourism practices and outcomes into product and services. This partnership provides our members with a unique opportunity to connect online with a travel market which has developed significant pent-up demand and is seeking more sustainable travel options.” said Stewart Moore, CEO and Founder of EarthCheck.

ETHYK allows individuals to easily find sustainable accommodations on over 16 different booking websites including Expedia,, and Hostel World. This way individuals do not have to change their preferred booking website but can find sustainable options where they already go online. With EarthCheck’s 600+ certified accommodations in over 70 countries, it has never been easier to find a sustainable option for your next vacation.

Go to today to install ETHYK and be able to find sustainable companies everywhere you go!