EarthCheck to assess volcano hotel

EarthCheck and “Água de Fogo, SGPS, Lda.” have forged a partnership to certify the design of “Água de Fogo”, a hotel project on the north slope of the Fogo Volcano, Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Azores.

EarthCheck’s Building Planning and Design Standard (BPDS) will provide the Design and Technical Services team guidelines, tools and indicators to assess and certify the sustainable design of the project. The programme will assist their designer, architect and developer in the planning and design phase of the hotel.

As part of the certification process, the hotel will be assessed by an independent third-party auditor who will appraise Água de Fogo against the ten key performance areas of sustainability approach, energy, water, solid waste, land use planning & biodiversity, sustainable materials & resource conservation, indoor environmental health & pollution control, transport, social, cultural & economic wellbeing and innovation.

In 2019 the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, became the world's first certified archipelago under EarthCheck’s Sustainable Destinations program. The collection of unique islands is renowned for their dramatic landscapes, stunning coast lines and charming villages. The community and tourism industry has made a commitment to preserve its rich culture and marine ecosystems and be recognised globally as a leading sustainable destination for holidays, business and lifestyle.

Stewart Moore, CEO and Founder of EarthCheck stated, “Achieving EarthCheck Design certification will place Água de Fogo as an industry leader that has benchmarked its design and sustainability performance against internationally recognised criteria and demonstrated responsible business practices across their operation”

“This announcement highlights the long-term commitment that Água de Fogo has shown to the communities and environment of Portugal and will allow the hotel to take practical, meaningful action to provide a quality holiday experience for their guests. We look forward to continuing to support their environmental efforts for years to come.”

Board member of Água de Fogo, Gonçalo Amorim (CEng), leads several sustainable innovation initiatives in Portugal and highlights that this certification process by EarthCheck is only the first step towards implementing the business plan that will make Água de Fogo a benchmark for the global tourism industry and a case study in the introduction of best practice sustainability initiatives not only in tourism, but also in the areas of Health and Agri-food.

The commitments are ambitious and will be transparent, ensuring that Água de Fogo publicly and consciously delivers on its objective of reaching the highest score in BPDS certification, EarthCheck Design Platinum.