Mumbai, June 5, 2020: Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), South Asia’s largest hospitality company, celebrates World Environment Day with a globally significant milestone. 11 IHCL hotels have achieved EarthCheck Certified Platinum recognition while 61 hotels have achieved Gold and 6 hotels have achieved Silver. Representing 10 continuous years of measuring and monitoring best practice in sustainability, this total of Platinum and Gold Certified hotels is the largest in the tourism industry anywhere in the world. 

Dr P.V. Murthy, Executive Vice President & Global Head HR, IHCL said “This is a result of IHCL’s unflinching efforts to minimize the impact on the environment. As a Tata company, we believe it is our responsibility to take action for conserving natural resources for future generations. The significant achievement reiterates the group’s firm commitment to sustainable development through adoption of global best practices.”

IHCL joined the EarthCheck Certified programme, the world’s leading scientific benchmarking and certification programme for the tourism and travel industry, in 2008. Over the course of a decade they have integrated a sustainability framework within each of their properties. Using a science based approach, IHCL has been able to increase efficiencies, maximise guest experience and minimise their environmental footprint. The group has persistently worked towards optimizing energy performance, improving water usage, integrating responsible waste management systems and reducing its carbon footprint with science based targets. IHCL regularly communicates sustainability performance through the United Nations Global Compact and Business Responsibility Reporting.

In its journey to sustainability the group has achieved EarthCheck Certification for 78 of its hotels which have generated significant savings:

  • A total of 1,132,209,374 MJ of energy has been saved since joining the EarthCheck Certified programme. This saving is the equivalent of powering 47,530 households for a year.
  • Since joining EarthCheck Certified, IHCL’s emissions savings has been 216,822,310 kg of CO2e, which is comparable to taking 72,759 cars off the road.
  • 2,743,682 KL in water savings were realised, which is equivalent to 1,097 Olympic sized Swimming Pools.
  • Waste management is an integral part of the groups environment management endeavours, with 24 properties achieving 100% recycling resulting in no waste being sent to landfill. The groups efforts made since joining the EarthCheck Certified programme has reduced 15,741 cubic metres of waste from going into landfills, which is the equivalent of 131,176 wheelie bins.

To learn more about the hotels that have achieved EarthCheck certification and for further information on the IHCL’s sustainability initiatives, please visit: https://www.ihcltata.com/responsibility