Message from the CEO

Welcome to 2020!

I hope this New Year’s message finds you well and that your staff and management team are ready to face the new year with enthusiasm and energy.

As I write to you many parts of the world have greeted the new year with apprehension and concern. In Australia a combination of circumstances including extreme weather conditions across the country have created what could be described as the perfect storm for catastrophic fire outcomes. These fire conditions are unprecedented in their timing and severity.

Thankfully the EarthCheck team are safe and well and we have reached out to our clients across Australia to see what EarthCheck can do to help communities and businesses with response and recovery assistance.

It is clear that not only is global and regional climate change a reality but it will continue to expose society to a wide range of risks and vulnerabilities which we collectively need to be prepared for. In many ways 2020 cannot be treated as business as usual. It heralds a new period of time where societal, economic, environmental uncertainty and disruption will become the norm.

One thing I can promise you with some certainty is that if you are an EarthCheck member and are currently measuring, benchmarking and reporting on your operational performance, you are well positioned to meet many of the demands of both the carbon economy and the environmentally conscious consumer who will begin to scrutinise every aspect of your business and supply chain.

EarthCheck have recently partnered with three of the world’s leading thought leaders to identify and document the key consumer and industry trends that will define the business climate for the next 18 months. I will have this report to you within two weeks. The report will identify both opportunities and business threats and explain what services and support EarthCheck can provide our clients.

EarthCheck has committed ourselves to supporting two immediate CSR industry initiatives in 2020 and we invite your support to both of them. They include: 

1) EarthCheck’s Building Back Better Communities project - A partnership with BMI to help communities and businesses not just recover from extreme events as quickly as possible but also innovate, adapt and seek creative ways to rebuild sustainably.

2) eXXpedition - A global research project designed to identify solutions to protect oceans and waterways from debris and #useplasticbetter. We've set a goal to raise $10,000 for this research. Please support here

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Please feel free to reach out to the EarthCheck team if we can be of any assistance.


Stewart Moore, Founder & CEO