The Racha’s sustainable initiatives gets the thumbs up!

Located on Racha Yai, one of the Andaman Sea’s most pristine islands, The Racha Resort has achieved EarthCheck Silver Certification in an important milestone that demonstrates the resort’s continued commitment to sustainability.

The Racha’s General Manager, Devan Bhaskaran said the resort aligns to the highest standards of eco-responsible tourism.

“We are thrilled that our efforts have been recognized at such a prestigious level, following our first-ever assessment with EarthCheck,” said Mr Bhaskaran. “It is indeed a great honour!”

Built in harmony with the island’s natural topography, The Racha Resort has embraced sustainable practices that conserve natural resources, offering guests a ‘get-away-from-it-all without taking anything away from the environment’.

To create environmental awareness and to ensure the island’s natural beauty is maintained, guests are encouraged to join resort staff in the daily beach cleanup. There’s also a self-guided ‘back-of-grounds tour’ at the perimeter of the resort gardens, where guests can see first-hand the resort’s green initiatives and in doing so, the resort hopes that guests will take away with them, a deeper appreciation for conservation.

Throughout the resort innovative and sustainable initiatives save energy and water, reduce waste and preserve natural beauty.

  • Hydroponic Farm provides guests with the freshest, nutrient-rich and pesticide-free food.
  • Water Bottling Facility uses eco-friendly bottles made from reusable glass.
  • Charcoal Project reduces and recycles wood and plant scraps into organic waste.
  • Bio-Fuel Station converts food waste into bio-gas.
  • Solar-Diesel Hybrid Station produces up to 50% of the resort’s daily electricity requirements, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 24% or 1,500 Kg per day.
  • Titanium Heat Exchangers recover heat from generators, providing zero-energy hot water for laundry machines and staff showers.
  • All waste water is properly treated at the sewage plant and the effluent water is used for landscape irrigation throughout the resort.
  • Water features and lush greenery provides a stable ecosystem for many of the island’s wildlife.

Since 2004, The Racha and The Racha Dive Center have supported The Reef Ball Foundation, a non-profit charity that protects and restores the world’s ocean ecosystems. Today, 250 reef balls form five man-made reefs around the island, providing a habitat for fish and diversity of underwater life.

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