New life for recycled bars of soap

Did you ever wonder what happens to that used bar of soap after a guest checks out from a hotel? At the EarthCheck Platinum Certified Cordis Auckland, soap is recycled and then re-purposed and sent to communities throughout the world.

Each time a room is cleared after a guest leaves, that bar of used soap is faithfully collected for recycling at a facility in New Zealand where specialist equipment cleans the waste soap, crushes and filters it. Next the machine extrudes, stamps and moulds the fresh bars ensuring that the recycled soap is as hygenic as a brand new bar and results in zero waste. It is then re-distributed throughout the world to communities in need.

The first batch of newly ‘recycled’ soap was minted from a total of 135kg of used soap collected at the end of August and September, recycled from the hotel’s 411 guest rooms and suites.

Cordis, Auckland’s Managing Director, Franz Mascarenhas shares, “Each year, the hospitality industry discards tons of used soap and it usually ends up in a landfill as waste, when it actually could be re-purposed, given a second life.  We are very excited that these soaps can be sent to a community in need, to help promote hygiene and arrest the spread of disease. The initiative fits perfectly with Langham Hospitality Group’s belief in promoting sustainability as a business and in balancing environmental governance with our commercial responsibility.”

Cordis, Auckland have a commitment to sustainable development, best practice operations, environmental protection and community welfare.