The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue has achieved EarthCheck Silver Certification

The Langham, New York – this year’s #1 hotel in New York City, according to the readers of Conde Nast Traveler – is now also a leader in sustainability. After a year-long effort, that included an internal overhaul of hotel operations to make all departments more sustainable and environmentally-thoughtful, The Langham has been awarded Silver Certification by EarthCheck, the travel industry’s leader in benchmarking, certifying and advising sustainability at tourism organizations.

“The premise of EarthCheck is based on continuous improvement, which mirrors one of Langham’s core values, Better Every Day,” said Richard Bussiere, managing director of The Langham, New York. “Taking on the challenge to be more sustainable in every aspect of our business is good for our guests, good for our staff and, most of all, good for the planet.”

The Langham has been awarded EarthCheck’s Silver Certified status thanks to the oversight of the hotel’s sustainability program, CONNECT, which focuses at each hotel and company-wide on helping hotel staff be more mindful about the consumption of energy, water and other natural resources, as well as the generation of waste. The focus of CONNECT is minimize each hotel’s impact on the environment in which it operates.

EarthCheck CEO and founder, Mr Stewart Moore congratulated the The Langham, New York team for their long-term commitment to sustainability. “Achieving EarthCheck Silver Certification is not an easy task; there are no short cuts, no avenues to buy your way in,” Mr Moore said. “It’s a matter of being able to prove the integrity of an organization's operational practices year-in and year-out, and then be willing to have everything verified by an independent, third party auditor.”