Strategic marketing plan on agenda for Mount Isa


Mount Isa community members have come together to put together the first draft of a strategic marketing plan for the city.

Over 35 stakeholders came together for a marketing session for the city on Tuesday organised by Mount Isa City Council,  and facilitated by Mark Olsen from EarthCheck.

Mayor Joyce McCulloch said a wide demographic of Mount Isans covering business and services including state development, Glencore, Commerce North West, tourism, education, health and the arts took part in the session.

“It was a really good mix of people to start building a strategic marketing plan for our city,” Cr McCulloch said.

Cr McCulloch said the aim was to ensure it would not not be one of those plans that sit on the shelf gathering dust.

“We’re formed two strategic groups that have the means to be able to execute that plan,” she said.

“They’re the ones that will be able to get funding to finance the plan and we’ll meet at least half a dozen times a year to ensure that plan is being executed.”

When asked about what ideas were in the plan the Mayor began by saying that the group had to understand how Mount Isa was viewed in Queensland, interstate and even internationally.

“That was an amazing discussion about how we are perceived and viewed and issues such as lead came into it, where we are located remotely, and prices of airfares and such,” she said.

“It’s also are we marketing Mount Isa in the right way which is engaging people and selling it to people and that was interesting because we all sat there thinking we know how to market Mount Isa but as it turns out we are probably doing it the wrong way.”

Cr McCulloch said they identified several target audiences of the plan including grey nomads and other forms of tourism.

“We want to focus on family tourism and also on the workforce, not just the workforce here but attracting a workforce particularly in police, health and education, how do we position Mount Isa so it is more attractive to that sector,” she said.

Cr McCulloch said the plan would also focus on those already living here.

“It’s not just about infrastructure, it’s about focusing on how to position Mount Isa in Australia through our communication strategy so we are all on the same page and we are all sending the same key messages out there about our amazing community.”

The plan will be finalised by the end of this week.