Mexico’s favourite family restaurant, Toks, adds EarthCheck to the menu

Restaurantes Toks, Mexico’s favourite family restaurant chain, today announced that it would be assessing the sustainability initiatives of 23 restaurants through the EarthCheck Assessed program.

Restaurantes Toks, or just Toks to its loyal customers, is a restaurant chain that operates throughout 20 cities in Mexico which is  is doing more than just talking about being green.

Over the next years, Toks will gradually introduce its restaurants to EarthCheck Assessed, culminating in over 130 restaurants by 2018.

CEO of Toks, Federico Bernaldo de Quiros, said that Toks was excited to join a program that would support its mission to conserve local environments and communities.

“Toks is known for its commitment to delivering outstanding products and services. Now we want to contribute to the development of a sustainable supply chain.

“Our mission is to have all Toks restaurants annually assessed by EarthCheck, so that we can turn to sharing the success of this process.

Then, by sharing our success, we aim to encourage more sustainable work and growth in the long term.”

CEO and founder of EarthCheck, Stewart Moore, said that Toks is more than a restaurant chain; it is company with an active social and environmental conscious.

“Toks has recognised that sustainability is a viable option for every business. This organisation knows that sustainability has benefits, such as reducing operating costs.

“Restaurantes Toks has done admirable work with Mexican communities. Part of this work has including encouraging communities to preserve and protect their environment.

“EarthCheck is excited to work with Toks to further this work by providing a science-based platform that will monitor initiatives and produce an independent report.”

By engaging with the EarthCheck Assessed program, Toks will now have a competitive advantage as they can demonstrate to customers, stakeholders and communities that their operations are committed to positive environmental practice.

Toks has a history of supporting local communities – for one, their awareness of supply chain has led them to engage a local company in Santa Rosa de Lima that produces strawberry marmalade. By integrating this company within Toks suppliers, the ladies of Santa Rosa de Lima found that their capita went from US$720 per year to US$461,000 per year.

Now Toks is securing their environmental approach by registering all restaurants with EarthCheck in the Assessed program.

EarthCheck Assessed provides companies with solutions that are scaled and localised. It will allow Toks to access an independent report on their performance as compared to similar operations in the restaurant sector.