EarthCheck has been helping businesses globally with sustainable certification and consulting for three decades. Reach out to our network of partners to find out how we can help – no matter where you are.

Erica has more than 15 years of experience hospitality industry with operations and business development. As part of the EarthCheck sales team, she is responsible for growing EarthCheck’s presence in Latin America while supporting multi-brand portfolio operations and destinations to achieve the results within the program. Born in Argentina, Erica has lived in Mexico for the last 14 years. She pioneered the implementation of sustainable programs in Mexico’s luxury hotel developments. Erica has a Bachelors in Tourism & Hotel Management and Sustainable Tourism Studies.

Andrés is an Hotelier with over 23 years of experience in several fields of Hotel Management, Sustainability for Tourism, Auditing and Energy Efficiency. Andrés is active in auditing, consulting and training on all matters of interest to the tourism sector, Lead Accredited Trainer of GSTC in Europe, appointed lead auditor in The Netherlands and Germany for ISO 50001 Energy efficiency and ISO140001 Environmental management for renowned Certification Bodies. He has extensive experience in Project Management with several hotels management companies, real estate investment trust (REIT’s) and governmental offices in Europe and Americas. As a strategic partner of EarthCheck, Andrés has supported the growth of EarthCheck in Europe serving as EarthCheck representative for the Benelux and liaison of EarthCheck for the European Commission. Andrés has a unique ability to transform sustainability into a profitable business case, demonstrating with financial results what is possible to achieve implementing effective sustainability and energy efficiency.

Pau is Co-Founder and Partner of PAX# Genuine Tourism Advisors, a consulting firm based in Barcelona (Spain), specialized in sustainable solutions to improve the tourism competitiveness of destinations, projects and companies internationally. He has more than 15 years of extensive experience in the tourism sector worldwide, actively working as expert consultant specializing in the fields of destinations strategic planning, tourism sustainability and quality standards implementation, feasibility studies for hotel and leisure mixed use projects, tourism markets research, capacity building, community engagement, institutional strengthening, and tourist product creation. Since 2010, as co-founder and partner consultant of PAX # Genuine Tourism Advisors, he has focused on the development of projects to improve the competitiveness of destinations and companies, being strategic planning, sustainability as value creation, and capacity building for the management and governance of tourism projects and destinations, the key axes of the company specialization. PAX# has built a solid expertise in Central America during the last decade, thank to projects developed in Panama, El Salvador, Honduras or Belize.

YKnot Sustainability, is a sustainability advisory firm providing strategic and implementation expertise to organisations seeking to enhance their sustainability efforts. Prior to setting up YKnot Sustainability, Michael distinguished himself by leading Banyan Tree Holdings’s efforts to formalise and expand its sustainability commitments. This included setting sustainability strategy; evaluating and building systems to empower a global workforce; evangelising sustainability via the creation and delivery of internal training frameworks and external outreach opportunities; building a proactive Risk Management approach to sustainability; and collaborating with internal and external representatives to create innovative solutions and approaches which considered and sought to enhance the social, environmental and economic well-being of all stakeholders.

Julie is the Principal of Confluence Sustainability, LLC, a consultancy focused on collaborative strategies and solutions utilizing travel and tourism as a catalyst for sustainable growth and a bridge to preserving and celebrating cultural heritage. Her work encompasses destinations, public and private partnerships and organizations committed to broad-based, stakeholder engagement to build scalable, multi-sector programs and replicable sustainability best practices. After more than 25 years as an embedded practitioner in marketing communications, environmental and sustainability across all sectors, Julie established Confluence Sustainability. 

Phay Ping is the Co-founder and Managing Director of BSD, a leading consulting firm in the field of energy and environmental design, green building certification, performance simulations and energy audits with 5 offices in the region and a track record of more than 300 projects. He is a firm advocate of green buildings and is active in councils and committees such as the Singapore Green Building Council and the BCA Green Mark Advisory Review Committee. He also teaches the topic at the National University of Singapore.

Sureyya has more than 16 years of experience in audit and certification services including the sustainability industry. Having worked 6 years actively with sustainable tourism projects she become part of EarthCheck in 2012. Born in Turkey, Sureyya has immigrated to Australia with her family while she was 2 years old and lived there for more than 25 years. With her Turkish and Australian roots she works on growing EarthCheck’s presence in Turkey. Sureyya is graduated from The University of Wollongong with a Bachelor in IT.

Hospitality sustainability practitioner with 24 years experience in energy, water and waste optimisation, EarthCheck standards audits and in sustainable design certifications. Follows a holistic “Permaculture”, “Blue” or “Circular” economy approach. He is a professional, innovative, future oriented and a strategic thinker and believes that there is always a better way to do things. He is passionate about the environment and inspiring people to have a positive impact on their environment so that together we can transform tomorrow today. Piet specialises in Zero Waste to Landfill projects for hotels and islands.

Kadir is graduated from The Dokuz Eylul University with a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Business and Management. He has 20 years experience in the inspection and certification sector. Sustainability projects make an important part of his track record. He has been actively working on sustainable tourism programs for the last 7 years and began working with EarthCheck in 2012. Kadir, was born and resides in Turkey. He spent his childhood in The Netherlands and speaks various languages fluently.

Christophe is the CEO of The H Factory, a Mauritian based company specialising in Property, Revenue, Training, Outsourcing and Offshore management for the hospitality and tourism industry. He has close to 20 years of experience in international hotel management with luxury hotels & resorts worldwide. 14 of those years were involved as the General Manager of various Sofitel Luxury Hotels and Resorts properties. Christophe has a Doctorate in Hospitality and Tourism and a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management from Toulouse University.

Frank Hubbard combines his ecology, engineering skills with over 25 years’ experience in environmental and sustainability management. He has held corporate, government and consulting roles with the hotel, manufacturing, finance, construction, transportation and property management sectors. Frank has worked across Australia, New Zealand and many parts of the Asia Pacific region, India, Italy, and North America. Frank is based in Sydney.

Big Waves, created by Francois Huet, an eco conscious hotelier, is an international hospitality-consulting firm. Specialised in the tourism and travel industry but not limited to it, using over 30 years international experience in the hospitality industry, keeping in touch with today’s trends and needs and undertaking assignments across the world to assist hospitality professionals and their team develop and realize their most ambitious projects with an imaginative, sustainable and eclectic approach. Big Waves has been an EarthCheck partner since 2012, and is a certified EarthCheck Master Trainer.

Mr. Arda Moltay is a graduate of the Industrial Engineering Department of the Istanbul Technical University. Immediately after graduation, he started working with Mimta Architects Co. and continued his post graduate studies in the field of Media & Communications at Istanbul Ticaret University. Throughout his professional career, he worked in the fields of commercial kitchen premises planning and commercial kitchen equipment fabrication; fabrication of stainless steel equipment for hospitals; planning and contract installation of sustainable building technologies such as building integrated photovoltaic systems, LED lighting systems, etc… The sustainable construction branch of Mimta Architects Co., is involved in certification consultancy, certification project management and building energy modeling for real estate projects realized by Turkish contractors on Turkish or foreign soil. Arda is involved actively in the management of the sustainability projects handled by Mimta. He is also involved actively in the board of directors of ÇEDBİK (Turkish Green Building Council) and promotes sustainability in construction through his articles published in various industry publications and voluntary participation in educational programs of universities and NGOs.

Sunil Kanal is the Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder and a member of the Board of Directors of Magenta FZCO where his primary focus is development of competitive solution architectures to enable clients and their facilities more energy efficient and sustainable. Sunil is a senior professional, Electronics & Communication Engineer with over 31 years of technical and project management experience gained in a variety of industrial sectors including Hospitality, Education, Sports and Health Care. Before forming Magenta in 2011, Sunil was the Projects Director in a UAE based ICT/ELV Systems Integrator and has successfully undertaken design, implementation, commissioning and handing over significant landmark projects across the Gulf region.

ECHOS is a full-service energy and sustainability risk management consultancy. Their clients and partners span the globe and their services are developed, supported and delivered to international standards. ECHOS deliver alternative energy solutions for cooling, heating and or electricity supply to commercial and residential interests across the Caribbean through solar and waste-to-energy technologies from project development to commissioning. ECHOS also delivers complete environmental risk management and or EH&S program development activities [primarily] to the food and hospitality industry with their suite of modular and integrated risk solutions platform and audit management services.

Wendy is a graduate of Universidad del Caribe with a degree in Sustainable Tourism and Hotel Management specialising in Tourism Planning. She also holds a diploma in Tourism Planning from the Universidad Antonio Nebrija, a Diploma of Finance, a Diploma of Strategic Management of Corporate Social Responsibility and a Diploma of Teaching. She is currently undergoing her Master’s in Business Social Responsibility through the Universidad Anáhuac. Wendy has worked in the tourism industry for many years having led the Sustainable Competitiveness Management and Corporate Social Responsibility issues for Xcaret Experiences over 8 years. In 2015, she created her own sustainability consultancy, Grupo Santaolaya, in which she has collaborated with different companies such as Dolphinaris, Sustentur, Cupaima, Cancún and Puerto Morelos Hotel Association, Friends of Sian Ka’an and the most recent Oasis Hotels & Resorts. She is a frequent speaker at various workshops and congresses on Corporate Social Responsibility and is an EarthCheck Master Trainer for Mexico and Latin America.

Mr. LV has rich experiences in consultation and certification in fields of energy efficiency, emission reduction, environmental protection and sustainable development, such as energy audits, energy and environment management system development, energy savings and carbon emissions M&V, environmental impact assessment, organic product certification, BCI certification, etc. Mr. LV participated in the development, implementation and management of many international cooperation projects, such as MIIT/GEF/UNDP China Energy Efficiency Promotion in Industry Project, Industrial Energy Performance Evaluation Methodologies Development and Promotion in APEC Regions, Mapping Exercise for Energy Efficiency Products: Reducing Trade Barriers for Environmental Goods and Services in APEC Economies, WRI/Citi Bank Foundation Distributed

Registered Expert of ISO/TC 289 Brand Evaluation, committee Member of China National Standardization Technical Committee of Certification and Accreditation (SAC/TC261), director of the Board for Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO). Professional fields are including policies/programs development and enforcement of energy efficiency in industry sector, energy efficiency in public sector and energy efficiency standard and labeling/certification. I initiate and participate in energy efficiency standard and labeling/certification program regional cooperation and international harmonization. I initiate and participate in China and ISO energy management system standard development and implementation. I initiated the “UNESCAP/UNEP Regional Help Desk on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Asia and the Pacific”, and directly participated in the related study on policy, eco-efficiency and green growth. I also take a lead to manage ELI global high-energy efficiency lighting product certification programme.

Min AN, has more than 14 years experiences in the field of Standardization, Energy Efficiency, Energy Savings Measurement (M&V), Sustainable Development and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). Having worked across a broad range of international initiatives including Sino-German, EU-China and APEC projects, Min is self-motivated and experienced in intercultural communication. She is fluent in Chinese and English both written and spoken.

With rich experiences in consultation and certification in fields of voluntary product certification, China compulsion certification, sustainable development and environment protection, such as traceability system, production and processing systems of certification programs of SAN, FSC, timber legality verification, organic product, QMS external audit, energy conservation and eco-friendly product, etc. I participated in the development, implementation and management of many cooperation projects, such as the management of sustainable standard research project, eco-label program in China, project for energy conservation and green environmental protection, etc.

Daniel Frey’s experience has taken him all over the world with reputed international hotel chains working on both operational and corporate levels for over 20 years. He studied at the Lausanne Hotel School and furthered his studies at Harvard Business School (AMP159). Shortly completing Business Sustainability Management course with CISL (University of Cambridge, Institute for Sustainability Leadership). A Swiss national with a proven track record in the international hospitality industry on various continents and countries (Switzerland, Ecuador, Kuwait, Mexico, China, Thailand, Argentina, South Africa, Portugal), Daniel has accumulated competencies and knowledge with renowned hotel operators, including Kempinski, Hilton and Peninsula amongst others.  Founder/CEO of Green Growth – The Way To Go, Daniel launched this niche consultancy firm in 2011, operating across all areas of the hospitality industry including the supply chain and beyond.

With over 35 years of practical experience in the Hospitality Industry, Vijay has worked across various disciplines including Sales & Marketing; Operations; Acquisitions; Feasibility; and Project Development. He is presently engaged as Project Management Consultant, with a key focus on Greenfield Hotel projects in India. In addition to his work, Vijay supports the TOURISM PLUS FOUNDATION as President. The Foundation supports sustainability in tourism, enriched livelihoods within tourist destinations and development of education & health facilities for underprivileged children.

As a sustainable building pioneer and promoter in Mexico and Latin America, Cesar Ulises has successfully led numerous ‘green building’ initiatives and landmark projects. Holding a BSc Honours in Civil Engineering from Monterrey Tech (Mexico) and a MSc from Newcastle University (UK) he has accumulated vast experience in large public and private real estate projects, both domestically and abroad. Cesar Ulises is the Founding President of Mexico Green Building Council and Former Secretary for World Green Building Council. Now acting CEO at “Bioconstruccion y Energia Alternativa, SA de CV” (BEA) a Mexican leading consultancy firm with +15 years of unparalleled trajectory in Sustainable Built Environment certification. In 2017, BEA achieved the 1st EarthCheck BPDS certification for a touristic facility in the Americas.

Pinpinat Chaiyadej is based in Thailand and Australia. Pinpinat is an environmental specialist with significant experience in Environmental and Sustainability Management System’s as well as Occupational Health and Safety. Extremely passionate about her work, Pinpinat’s long term goal is to assist Thailand’s tourism and hospitality industry transition to a greener and more sustainable business model. Pinpinat’s recent consulting experience includes audits around South-East Asia relating to EarthCheck, ISO 14001, 14064, 50001 and 26000 as well as OHSAS 18001, Carbon Footprint of Products and wider Organisational based audits.

Romain Vivier created “Fenua-Environnement” in 2008 which delivers environmental counselling services throughout French Polynesia. The main focus of this company is to provide sustainable solutions to development projects through environmental impact assessments. Fenua-Environment is also actively engaged in biodiversity conservation/invasive species management plans/coral reef restoration and educational programs. Romain joined the EarthCheck team in 2011 and has been providing auditing services in this region of the Pacific ever since.

Rene Leonora has more than 25 years of experience as a health, safety, environmental and energy auditor and consultant, and has been servicing EarthCheck since 2009. Rene is now based in Aruba, the Caribbean and also has project experience in the Caribbean, Americas, Europe, and Asia. He has a broad experience in amongst others the following industries: tourism, power and water, chemical and transport. Rene has and MSC Degree in Engineering Geology at the Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) and an MBA at Keele University (UK).

With more than 10 years of customer service and sales experience, working always in multilingual and multicultural environments, Albert is passionate about environmental preservation and sustainability. Born in Spain, Albert has lived in Australia for the last 5 years and has recently moved back to Barcelona where, as part of the EarthCheck Sales Partner team, is responsible for growing EarthCheck’s presence in Europe.

Dayana is an educator, global advocate, consultant and thought leader for sustainable travel and tourism. With almost two decades in the travel industry under her belt and stamped in her passport, Dayana is passionate about using her extensive knowledge and industry connections to help reboot and unite the industry towards a future of sustainable travel, by generating thoughtful discussions, raising awareness, advocacy and an education platform for travel and tourism providers. In 2017 her commitment to raising awareness of sustainability and animal conservation was formalised when she founded the travel group – The Sustainable Traveller. With a global community that’s becoming increasingly conscious of their impact, it’s a go-to platform for travellers to learn more about sustainable travel and find extraordinary places to stay that benefit the local area and keep the environment safe. Dayana has spent her lifetime living kindly and caring compassionately for our planet and animals. The Sustainable Traveller is her mission to make travel and sustainability the way we experience the world, which will benefit all people, animals, the environment, and planet earth.

Stephen Farrant is an independent director, strategic advisor and responsible business consultant. Through his own sustainability consultancy, he helps organisations from across multiple sectors to re-think and re-purpose their strategy for the 2020s. With some 15 years of experience enabling businesses to work on climate, sustainability and innovation, he started his career in the early 1990s at British Airways. Most recently he was Director of Sustainability and Innovation at Business in the Community (one of the Prince of Wales’ leading charities) where among other things he established the Circular Economy Taskforce, the Purpose Toolkit, the Responsible Business Tracker, and BITC’s work on responsible innovation in the digital age. From 2009-2015, he led the International Tourism Partnership (recently re-branded as the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance), on whose Board he now serves.

With over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality, spa and wellness space, consulting, creating and managing spas and wellness retreats for clients including Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Hilton Worldwide, SHA Wellness, Shu Uemura and Resense Spas, Sarah has lived and worked in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Africa, the Middle East and Europe and is now residing in The Isle of Man where, as part of the EarthCheck Sales Partner team she is growing Earth Check’s presence in Europe. As an EarthCheck Master Trainer and member of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership network Sarah is looking forward to developing & Implementing a sustainability approach and best practices in existing and new projects.

Renata is a passionate, customer-led sustainability and marketing management professional with over 35 years’ experience in the travel industry. Working in senior management roles across diverse fields ranging from Tour Operators to Cruise companies, Spas, Airlines, Airports and Retail, she has developed rich consumer insights and built successful sustainability plans. Born in Italy, she has lived and worked in five continents. Renata is the Tourism Specialist at Terra Institute, a well-established strategic consulting and management training firm, driven by systemic thinking, a search for meaning, innovative processes and digital tools. Terra Institute is based in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and developing new business units in other countries.

For over twenty years, Jürgen has been working as senior engineer, environmentalist and design/technical services executive in the hospitality industry. Supporting projects around the globe from international boutique luxury chains to large scale management companies. He has a passion for creating energy and environmental efficiencies and has worked with the EarthCheck Certified program for over a decade.

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There are more than 476 million Indigenous Peoples, found in all regions of the world, from the Arctic to the tropical forests. They make up more than 6 per cent of our global population.


In the spirit of reconciliation, EarthCheck acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout the world and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Indigenous Peoples today.


EarthCheck acknowledges that Indigenous Peoples are guardians of the forests and biodiversity hotspots we all depend on. Research shows that lands managed by Indigenous Peoples, with secure rights, experience lower deforestation rates, store more carbon, hold more biodiversity, and benefit more people than other lands — including protected areas.


We recognise and support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), the most comprehensive international instrument on the rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Declaration is a positive document that maps out a path for Indigenous Peoples to be free from discrimination and secure in their identities and life choices.

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EarthCheck Certified: Aligned globally

EarthCheck science and products were developed by the Australian Government Sustainable Tourism Co-operative Research Centre (STCRC) over ten years. Our science is reviewed annually to ensure that it meets international standards relative to greenhouse gas protocols, responsible tourism, and certification.

EarthCheck products and services are built on the Agenda 21 principles for Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 Heads of State at the United Nations Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992 and aligned to the SDGs.

EarthCheck Certified provides a framework for organisations to achieve the desired outcomes for sustainable development as set out in the final report of the World Summit for Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002.

EarthCheck Certified complies with the Mohonk Agreement (2000), which outlines the guidelines and principles for an international sustainable tourism certification program. It is also a Recognised program of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

EarthCheck Certified is a verification standard accepted by CDP. It is also an approved program of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), London & Partners, the Mexican Secretary of Tourism (SECTUR) and the City of Sydney.

EarthCheck Certified is an approved program for meeting the EU Energy Directive for the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle – BAFA) in Germany and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) in the Netherlands.

EarthCheck partners with international research organisations to maintain the currency of EarthCheck science and our benchmarking systems.

The EarthCheck brand signifies scientific excellence, better environmental, economic, and social performance, improved community interactions, and savings through more efficient use of resources. It provides recognition and promotional support to a global consumer market.